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ttmm (after time) watchface apps by Albert Salamon

Designer Albert Salamon has created a series of clock applications featuring dots and bars for Pebble and Kreyos smart watches.

Exquis for Baccarat iPad App by Kacper Hamilton

Crystal design tool or mix-n-match vase building game? Exquis for Baccarat iPad App by Kacper Hamilton is both.

Eclipse Speaker by Jack Huston

Curves created by weight versus straight structural lines is the idea designer Jack Huston explores with Eclipse, a speaker design.

Fuel Micro Charger by Devotec

Devotec's Fuel is a cell phone charger shaped like a classic Jerry can that's just slightly bigger than a quarter.

Abracadabrapp by Honest & Smile

The creators of the world's first handmade video mixer for iPhone have now made a smaller, portable version with a Moleskine notebook.

Tado┬░ Home Energy Management System

Munich-based Tado has launched a smart thermostat controlled by smartphone for the European market.

TV Barrow by Che-Wei Wang and Taylor Levy

Che-Wei Wang and Taylor Levy have combined a flatscreen TV and a bicycle wheel to create a unique portable TV stand.