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Gold Heart Ring

We turn the key in the lock one way and we deprive someone of their liberty. Turn it the other way and we set them free. Whether it’s the key to our hearts or the key to curiosity and knowledge. Finders Keepers is a magical collection. Let it take you on a journey into the future of creativity, wisdom and truth x┬áStunning hammered and frosted gold heart, riveted to silver wrap ring.

Silver Skull Necklace

The age old battle played out in Silver or Gold. With a nod to Fred and The Pop Group x.  Cute and Delicate skull necklace. Hammered with a frosted texture. Gold skull comes with silver chain.

Bangles to dazzle in the summer sun x

Stab A Sorry Heart BangleKeepers Silver BangleThree Moons BangleSpinner BangleBeaten Track Breeze BangleSolo Heart Forever BangleLovefluff BangleOur Souls Bangle

Something Silver & Gold

Keepers Gold Heart RingSpinner Gold NuggetGold Skull RingSpinner Teardrop Ring


Spinning spinning spinner collection is playful & colourful with frosted silver and a choice of Rose gold, Silver or Oxidised Silver, enjoy xx

Finders Keepers

Beautiful hammered silver key with the detailed choice of two precious metal hearts, two spirits. This key is big enough to take you on the longest of journeys to where ever you need to go x


Stab A Sorry Heart BangleKeepers Silver BangleWrap Cuff BangleThree Moons BangleSolo Heart Forever BangleSpinner Bangle

Keepers Gold Heart Ring

Stunning hammered and frosted gold heart, riveted to silver wrap ring.

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