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Edge Rings by Soyun Park

Soyun Park's rings are held in place with a series of staggered cubes instead of a contiguous surface touching the skin.

2 or (3…) Questions for Alissia Melka-Teichroew About Quilt

While studying 17th-century portraiture for a 2012 exhibit, byAMT's Alissia Melka-Teichroew found her eye drawn to the quilted fabrics in the clothing and furnishings in the portraits. We asked Alissia a few questions about the result, her Quilt collection, the original Delft-like jewelry and the new chocolate version above.

Evolution Bracelet by Studio Mango

Evolution: a 3D printed bracelet showing frogs in their different stages of life, evolving and moving upwards where they fight for the crown to become the frog king.

Collection of Hearts for someone close to yours….. xx

Shield heart RingKeepers Two Hearts NecklaceSolo Heart BraceletShield of LOVE RingLove Nail and I BraceletKeepers Vintage Ring Solo Heart Together NecklaceLove Nail and I RingSolo Heart TBar NecklaceSolo Heart Forever Bangle

Not to late for that someone special in your life…… xx

Valentines day is nearly here, it’s not to late to surprise your special someone……

Love Nail and I RingLove Nail and I Ring

This collection Love Nail and I is made up of hand forged silver nails. With the words stamped Love Is All or All is Love x Silver Nail wraps around your finger x

Silver Facet Mid Necklace

This solid sterling silver necklace uses irregular design lines played out over a contrasting, monochromatic palette using angular and faceted nugget shaped clusters of specular solid sterling silver. Geometric interlocking, nature inspired and referencing opulence with romance. Delicate design touches contrast bold pieces with the fluidity of each handmade silver link a delight to behold.


Koura Earrings by David Trubridge

Gallery: Beautiful Objects Exhibition at The Aram Gallery