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Farming Food Processor by Naomi Bijlefeld

To help process a bountiful harvest Naomi Bijlefeld has designed a special hand-operated processing machine that removes soil, unwanted leaves and peels from fruit and vegetables – and then also slices them into pieces for immediate use or freezing.

Wine Chillers by Joe Doucet with Neal Feay Studio

The textures engraved on Joe Doucet's Wine Chillers are inspired by the wind patterns of cold fronts as they move around the globe.

Stone Conceptual Kitchen Appliances by Angry Bananas

Design collective 'Angry Bananas', a group of Design Masters students studying at Goldsmiths University in London, have created a series of conceptual kitchen appliances titled Stone.

Preserved Knowledge by Cleo de Brabander

Cleo de Brabander asked some seniors how food was preserved before the advent of the refrigerator and then created objects to preserve both food, and the method.