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MOCO’12: "Imagine fireflies as your interface between your watch, you, your phone and time…"

There's a lot left to be imagined.

MOCO’12: Hecho en México

In November Joel Escalona's "boolean", a set of two drawers with a third that intersects the two, stood out for its clever design, however in 2012 "Hecho en México" (made in Mexico) was the news.

MOCO’12: evolution from research into the history and specificity of the site and region

Just off the south-eastern coast of Tasmania on an historic farming property sits The Shearer's Quarters, a companion building to an historic cottage built in the 1840's.

MOCO’12: putting a little extra fun into dinner time and boardroom meetings

Design can be very serious. Or fun.

MOCO’12: identity and craft

"Can one, despite the tendency of globalization to erase national and cultural differences, still understand identity as something associated with particular places?"

MOCO’12: the skatepark as fine art installation

For a subject that we rarely touch on, skateboarding was popular on MOCO in the summer of 2012. In June with a dramatic category defining design, and in July as an art form.

MOCO’12: urban skatepark creator

In June 2012 we saw the invention of an urban skatepark creator.

MOCO’12: on a budget, an extrusion of an iconic house form

May 2012. A small budget helped shape this compact house in Warburg, Alberta.

MOCO’12: "Do we still have an appetite for all this furniture?"

April for MOCO is dominated by the world's largest furniture fair, iSalone in Milan. This year two designers, from opposite sides of the planet, asked a pertinent question, "Do we still have an appetite for all this furniture?"

MOCO’12: a chair that was alive, and still looks that way, except in a different way

In March 2012, among the notable objects and architecture of 2012, there was a one-of-a-kind chair …