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Sekki Cutlery by Nendo

Japanese studio Nendo has designed a three-piece metal dessert cutlery set reminiscent of prehistoric flint implements.

Thron Bowl by e27

e27's Thron is a floating cornucopia, a perforated metal bowl balanced atop a solid, asymmetrically positioned terrazzo base.

Gold Ratio Bottle by Agustina Bottoni

The golden graduation marks on Agustina Bottoni's Gold Ratio bottle are placed diagonally to measure while pouring, instead of after.

Agua de tierra by Pau Stephens

Pau Stephens' Agua de tierra, inspired by a traditional Mexican vase, is a novel earthenware water vessel with an integrated cup.

All of a Piece Modular Tabletop Elements by Dana Cannam and Rachel Griffin

All of a Piece is a series of modular elements that, when combined, form landscapes of varying materials, sizes and functions for the tabletop.

Mediterranea China Collection by Studio Natural

Studio Natural's Mediterranea is a bone china collection with a graphic pattern that communicates the elements and portion sizes of the Mediterranean diet.

Video: A utensil is not just a utensil by James Stoklund

Danish designer James Stoklund has created a series of functional objects for the tabletop made to surprise the user and "enrich the experience of dining."

Baccic Glasses by Joe Doucet

Partygoers have to finish their drinks before setting down Joe Doucet's Baccic glasses.

[DIZAJN] exhibition concept by Mailin Lemke

Tableware is the interface to information for student works in Mailin Lemke's [DIZAJN] exhibition concept.

Tilting Tableware by Linde Hermans and Pieter Stockmans

Situated part way between a plate and a bowl, Tilting tableware plates allow the user to make the most of the end of a meal.