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Moon Clock by Haoshi Design

Nocturnal animals hover, awake and at the ready, just above the glowing moon-like surface of Haoshi Design's Moon Clock.

Breathing Clock by Max Schmidt

Max Schmidt's Breathing Clock tells time by mimicking the act of breathing, an inflated balloon in a capsule, that with the passing of time, deflates.

O’ Clock by David Okum & Javier Palomares

Wood grain lines of time meet the clean cuts of modern machine-assisted manufacture in O' Clock by David Okum & Javier Palomares (Okum Made), a simple and revealing timepiece fashioned from a block of wood.

Sun Set Solar Image Clock by Andrea Ponsi

A red dot representing the sun moves along a sinusoid indicating the exact time and position of the sun in the sky at that precise moment.

MOCO MR: ZEX GD Watch by Nooka

Video: The Clock Clock White by Humans Since 1982

TID Watch No.1 by Form Us With Love