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Shipping and Archipelago Wood Toys by Andreas Murray

Norwegian design studio Permafrost has added two new sets of wooden toys, Shipping and Archipelago, to a series called Offshore originally begun to reflect on Nordic identity.

Skyline Chess Set by Ian Flood & Chris Prosser

Iconic London architecture becomes kings and queens and pawns in Skyline Chess Set by Ian Flood & Chris Prosser, famous and cherished structures, modeled in 3D, prototyped via 3D printing, and realized as hand cast as playing pieces in compression moulded acrylic and metal.

Slice Ping Pong Table by Snarkitecture

Solid black and ready for play, Slice Ping Pong Table by Snarkitecture is a fully functional indoor/outdoor ping pong platform, made from ultradense Richlite paper composite, rubber and steel, that can double as a conference or dining table.

Project M48 Ping-Pong Tables by Petr Mikošek & Štěpán Kuklík

Czech designers Petr Mikošek and Štěpán Kuklík have created a collection of ping-pong tables with variations of the net and table that bring new perspectives to the classic game.

Robot Corkers by Reddish Studio

Reddish Studio have designed a new series of Corkers, originally sets of plastic pins to transform wine corks into little animal characters, this time to make robot characters.

100% ToBeUs – 100 Designers for 100 New Toy Cars

100 designers created 100 wood toy cars for 100% ToBeUs, a project developed by Matteo Ragni for an exhibition on now at Milan's Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia. Above, Autoscontro ("Dodgem") by Lanzavecchia + Wai.

Critical Blocks Miniature World by Maykel Roovers

Maykel Roovers wanted to show how enormous modern construction works are, so he transformed them into toy blocks.

Cochecito Toy Cars by Gregor Korolewicz

Totems Series One by Dino Sanchez