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Vederlicht Lamp by Daniel Hulsbergen

A childhood fascination with model glider planes led Daniel Hulsbergen to create the Vederlicht (featherlight) pendant lamp.

Video: Toblerone House by Marcio Kogan (studio mk27)

Preview: Scratch Collection by Joost van Bleiswijk

Two years ago designer Joost van Bleiswijk scratched away a typical Delft Blue glazed drawing on a plate to create a pattern that led to a collection of scratched ceramics. Now the scratch pattern will be applied to table linen and furniture.

House in Hofit by Paritzki & Liani Architects

Wara Tea Set by Margaux Keller

Inspired by Maté, a traditional South American infused drink, Margaux Keller has created a new way of drinking tea with glass straws and an oversized tea glass.

Facetat Serving Dish by Andreu Carulla

Edible Surfaces by Arantza Vilas, Leslie Vanderleeuw and Erik Spande

London based textile studio Pinaki Studios has collaborated with premium chocolate retailer Chocolátl to create edible chocolate surfaces.

Holo Center Table by Marcus Tremonto

Glass Symbols Glassware by Valentin Vodev

Valentin Vodev has engraved pictograms, like instructions for use found on clothing, on glassware for J. &. L. Lobmeyr.

Gallery: Shearer’s Quarters House by John Wardle Architects